NACRICARE Laboratory was founded in 2007, and at that time it developed a range of health care products for horses and ponies. The products were formulated with a specific nacre with outstanding cell regeneration properties, also reducing cellular aging.

Unfortunately, in 2013, NACRICARE Laboratory ceased its activity despite its success and the quality of its products.

Today, NACRICARE Laboratory is back!

A new team consisting of a veterinary and riders took over and reviewed the entire original product range.

The formulation of the well-known LESION, GDB, SOIN COMPLET DU SABOT, CORNE CASSANTE, and ACTIVE CORNE were kept… and improved.

The feed supplement, FLEXI +, DIGEST + and SENIOR + were entirely formulated on the basis of marine biopolymers from the organic matrix of the nacre of Pinctada Maxima and Hyriopsis Cumingi.

Retrieve our information on nacre on our Blog – NACRICARE.

Who is the new NACRICARE Laboratory?

A veterinary, Dr Laurène Ebrard, who graduated from the Veterinary School of Maisons- Alfort, also a rider.

And a team of riders:
- Pauline in charge of the customers service
- Emma in charge of the marketing
- Franck in charge of logistics
- Alexandra in charge of the technical service

All of the team is at your disposal for any kind of question, or information that you would need, please feel free to contact us! And do not forget to give us your feedbacks and/or comments on your horses and our products.

What is the new NACRICARE Laboratory?

All of NACRICARE Laboratory’s products were reviewed, rethinked, and formulated for the health, well-being and the performing of the horse and the pony.

All the products are as natural as possible, up to 100% natural, manufactured in France, and do not contain any prohibited substances according to the French Rules of Racing and the FEI.

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Always in the interest of the health and well-being of horses, NACRICARE Laboratory is working on other complementary feeds and care products.

To be continued…