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High quality wound healing - Accelerated wound healing - Faster hair growth

Lesion is a cream ideal for the superficial wound healing of the horse’s skin.

Product for horses made in France.

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The Nacricare cream Lesion is healing booster for superficial wound, rash, skin erosion, scratch or burn from friction for the horse's skin.

Property of this wound healing product :

  • High quality wound healing
  • Accelerated of wound healing
  • Faster growing back of the hair

This cream allows a quicker wound healing than the natural process.

It offers a high quality recovery of the skin and ensures a quicker growing back of the hair than in a classic wound healing.

The 100% natural nacre powder contained in the Nacricare cream for horses provide everything the skin needs to heal in the best conditions.

It allows the intake of no less than 18 amino-acids, proteins, trace elements and antioxydants that stimulate all the natural growth factors of the wound healing process.

The first results are visible after the first 12 hours. The action of the nacre powder combined to the soothing power of allantoin makes it a reference in wound care. The allantoin removes the skin dead cells and maintains the skin moisturized to create the perfect conditions for an optimal wound healing.

Equine application area :

In every case of superficial wound, rash, skin erosion, scratch and burn from friction.

Directions of use for this horse wound care product :

1. Clean the wound with clear water and dry without scrubbing.

2. Spread the cream on a sterile pledget and let it penetrate the wound by gently massaging it.

3. Spread another layer of cream on the wound to cover up the whole area.

4. Repeat every 24 to 48 hours.

Lesion key ingredients :

Nacre – Essential oils – Allantoin – Glycerin

Side effects :

No allergies, or other side effects were reported

Horse competition :

NDS-Nacricare-2019.png This logo ensures the absence of raw materials considered doping by the race code and the FEI in the product.

Safety precautions :

Equine skin health care. External use.
Keep in a dry place at room temperature. Close after use. Keep away from children.

Lesion packaging :

Jar of 30 mL
Tube of 200 mL

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on  29 Sept. 2019
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on  01 May 2018

Top !

Le Lesion est top ! pour l’avoir essayé sur une seime très haute dont la couronne était fendue et saignait beaucoup. J’ai appliqué le Lesion sur la couronne uniquement et l’Activ corne sur l’ensemble du sabot. La plaie sur la couronne s’est refermée en 2 jours et la seime s’est nettement améliorée en très peu de temps. Du coup j’ai essayé le Lesion sur une verrue brulée, la plaie s’est refermée en 4 jours sans bourgeon.

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