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Derma Horse – Sweet Itch


Soothes itches – Boosts natural wound healing – Moisturizes and nourishes the skin – Helps to repell flyng insects

DERMA HORSE – Sweet itch and Allergies is a soothing lotion to relieve horses subjects to skin allergies.

Made in France – Natural ingredients based.

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    DERMA HORSE – Sweet itch and Allergies is a lotion formulated with natural ingredients, specifically made for Sweet Itch and skin allergies symptoms on horses

    To be used if your horse presents :

    • Itches due to culicoides bites (Sweet Itch)
    • Cutaneous reactions to insects bites (flies, mosquitoes, horseflies, …)
    • Cutaneous reactions due to a change of bedding, straw, or hay
    • In case of itches whatever the cause may be

    Properties of DERMA HORSE – Sweet Itch and Allergies :

    • Helps to boost the natural wound healing process
    • Contributes to soothe itches
    • Moisturizes and nourishes
    • Helps to repell flying insects

    Soothing lotion for horses, ponies, and donkeys made of, among others, photoprotective components with measured protection factors. Without being a sunblock this lotion contains a sun protection. It can be used all day long even on a sunny day.

    It also contains sweet almond oil and wheat germ oil for their nourishing and moisturizing properties.

    Marine biopolymers and vitamin A allows a boosted optimum natural wound healing, especially when the horse itches greatly.

    Aloe Vera oil and Niaouli essential oil efficiently soothe itches.

    Finally, some essential oils of DERMA HORSE – Sweet Itch and Allergies have well known insect repellent properties and help keep flies away.

    How to apply DERMA HORSE – Sweet Itch and Allergies on your horse:

    In case of allergic swelling:

    1. Clean the area with a brush.
    2. Apply the lotion and spread it on the whole area.
    3. Massage gently and let it penetrate.
    4. Renew daily.

    In case of wounds :
    1. Cleanse the wound with a disinfectant (Such as SILVER CLEANSE).
    2. Dry without scrubbing
    3. Apply on a sterile layer and spread on the wound.
    4. Massage gently to let it penetrate.
    5. Renew daily.

    Key ingredients of DERMA HORSE – Sweet Itch and Allergies :

    Sweet almond oil – Aloe Vera oil - Vitamin A – Marine biopolymers – Essential oils – Excipients

    Competition or races:


    This logo ensures the absence of raw materials considered doping by the race code and the FEI in the product.

    Safety precautions:

    Equine skin care. External use. Avoid eye contact. Keep in a dry place at room temperature. Close after use. Keep away from children.
    The product has no reported side effects, however test it on a small body area, without any reaction within 24 hours, use accordingly to directions.

    Packaging available:

    250 mL bottle with disc top snap cap.

    Packaging contains no phtalate nor bisphenols.

    Customer reviews
    2 rating(s) - 2 review(s)
    on 19 June 2023

    Top !

    Produit très efficace sur ma jument atteinte de dermite estivale, il permet de bien nourrir, hydrater et soulager la peau avec une odeur agréable ! Ma jument se gratter jusqu’à sang et aujourd’hui elle perd simplement crins et poils, c’est une réelle progression ! Son comportement a aussi changée elle est plus détendue, moins agressive, fuit moins pendant les soins et ose aller dehors en plein soleil brouter ! Qu’elle plaisir de la voir comme ça !

    on 12 July 2021

    Efficace rapidement

    J'ai utilisé pour la première dermite :-( de mon loulou et en 3 applications à 48H d'intervalle, plus rien.
    En revanche je n'ai pas trouvé moins d'insectes autour de lui. Mon cheval vit au pré en permanence.
    Merci pour l'efficacité sur les dermites et démangeaisons, là mon cheval a entière satisfaction :-)
    Le lait est facile à appliquer, pénètre rapidement en massage, et a une bonne odeur.

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