Joint Supplements for Horses

ARTI TREATS - Friandises Cheval


Helps to protect joint cartilage – Contributes to reduce articular discomfort

ARTI TREATS - Friandises Cheval is a supplement feed formulated to treat your horse while supporting its joints.

100% natural, made in France.

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    ARTI TREATS - Friandises Cheval is a supplement feed presented as sticks specially formulated for horses.

    To treat your horse, with an excellent palatability, these treats help soothing joints pain and contribute to maintain a nice motion.

    100% natural it comes as a supplement to grain feed or suitable feed, these treats are also compatible with the Flexi Muscle, Flexi Booster, Flexi Plus or any other supplement feed for joints health.

    Properties of these treats for horses :

      • Helps soothing horses joints
      • Helps the horse’s locomotion
      • Simply to treat…

    These horse treats are recommended both for leisure horses or ponies, than sports horses or ponies whom joints highly used are subject to significant constraints, for horses suffering from joints pathologies involving articular discomfort.  

    These treats are made of corn, barley, and turmeric for its well-known anti-inflammatory properties and fenugreek.

    How to give Arti Treats for horses :

    Give a few sticks to your horse or your poney as a daily treat.

    Cannot replace the daily grain feed.

    Ingredients :

    Corn - Barley - Turmeric - Fenugreek - Dextrin

    Equine competition :

    NDS-Nacricare-2019.pngThis logo ensures the absence of raw materials considered doping by the race code and the FEI in the product.

    Safety precautions :

    Equine complementary feed. Keep in a dry place at room temperature, away from light. Close after use. Keep away from children.

    Packaging available for Arti treats – treats for horses and ponies :

    Resealable 400 grs bag

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