Horse Hoof Ointment

Soin Complet du Sabot


Moisturises - Softens - Nourishes - Antiseptic properties

The Soin Complet du Sabot is a preventive ointment against horses' foot problems. This natural product for horses is available in black (tar free) or colorless.

Natural product for horses made in France.

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The Soin Complet du Sabot Nacricare is a 100% naturel ointment for horses' hooves to be used in prevention of foot problems.

Properties of this ointment for horses :

  • Ensures the hoof is properly moisturized (frog, sole, hoof’s horn)
  • Softens and enables the growth of a healthy and strong hoof’s horn
  • Antiseptic properties to prevent frog ´s disease.

This hoof’s ointment provides a daily care for the horse hoof.

The delivery of deep, long-lasting surge of hydration of the hoof prevents most common disorders due to a poor quality of hoof horn like hoof cracks.

Its softening properties maintain the natural damping of concussion of the hoof and allows a healthy distribution of the pressure in each step of the stride.

Its antiseptic properties protect all at once, the frog, and the sole, and prevent the progression of microbial agents responsible in most of the hoof’s diseases.

This care for horses hooves contains 100% natural nacre powder, which is amino-acids, proteins and trace elements rich, allowing the hoof's horn to get all it needs for a healthy and optimal growth. This important nutritional intake contributes to the natural cell renewal process of each functional entity of the hoof for a healthy foot.

The essential oils of laurel improve the hoof's horn development and strengthen the horse hoof. The combined action of the essential oils of rosemary and tea tree gives a powerful antiseptic-action.

Hoof care application area :

For all horses hooves.

Hoof dressing directions of use :

Before applying the ointment, pick out soles and make sure hooves are clean, dry and free of any dirt (dung, soil, litter,...).

Using a hoof dressing brush, apply into the sole, frog, bulbs of the heel and hoof wall, insist on the coronet band.

Key ingredients for this natural horse care :

Vegetable oil - Nacre powder - Beeswax - Essential oils - Zinc sulfate - Coal - Natural pigments
The Soin Complet du Sabot is TAR FREE.

Side effects :

No allergies, or other side effects were reported

Horse competition :

NDS-Nacricare-2019.png This logo ensures the absence of raw materials considered doping by the race code and the FEI in the product.

Safety precautions :

Equine care. External use.
Maintain in a dry place at room temperature. Close after use. Keep away from children.

Packaging for Soin Complet du Sabot :

  • In colorless

Jar of 250 mL
Jar of 500 mL
Jar of 1 Liter
Tub of 5 Liters

  • In black (tar free)

Jar of 250 mL
Jar of 500 mL
Jar of 1 Liter
Tub of 5 Liters

Customer reviews
4 rating(s) - 4 review(s)
on  27 Nov. 2020

Presque parfait

Je l’utilise depuis 15 jours à raison de 2 fois par semaine, c’est extra !
Le seul bémol est que l’onguent noir me semble peut être un peu trop clair lors de l’application. Mais c’est probablement dû à l’utilisation de produits naturels donc ça me convient !

on  06 Feb. 2020

Très efficace

J’utilise désormais cette graisse, elle est très efficace et dès la première utilisation ! Pourtant ma jument est au pré et la graisse fait très bien son travail ! J’en suis très très satisfaite
Merci nacricare

on  17 July 2018

Essai très concluant

Je suis ravie d'avoir fait confiance à Nacricare.
Cet onguent est top, facile à appliquer et ne fond pas malgré la chaleur caniculaire du moment.
En plus grace à l'absence de goudron dans leur onguent noir je peux continuer à l'appliquer même l'été sans risque pour les sabots.
Top produit pour le soin quotidien des sabots ;)

on  29 March 2018


top produit

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