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Allergo Horse - Allergic Horses


For the equines (horses, ponys and donkeys) subject to respiratory allergies and dermatitis. Limits allergies symptoms.

Allergo Horse - Horse allergies is a supplement feed for horses sensitive to cutaneous and respiratory allergies.

Made in France - Natural ingredients - Non doping

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Allergo Horse - Horse allergies is a supplement feed for horses, ponys and donkeys, specially formulated to regulate the immune system in case of cutaneous or respiratory allergies.

Particularly if you observe that your horse has:

  • scabs, itching, pimples... in case of Sweet Itch, skin allergic reactions.
  • respiratory discomfort, dry cough, nose discharge, sneezing... in case of hay, dust or pollens hypersensitivity...

Allergo Horse helps to limit the allergies triggering or helps to reduce the signs of allergic reactions when it starts.  This supplement feed for horses allows to limit the reaction of  the immune system which has been triggered by an allergen. It interacts with the allergy's mechanism by taking part in the inhibition of the mast cell degranulation on one hand and on the other hand it limits the excessive release of histamine and other inflammatory mediators resulting from it.

Properties of Allergo Horse - Horse allergies:

  • limits skin allergies signs on sensitive horses,
  • limits respiratory allergies signs on horses sensitive to hay, straw, dust, pollens...
  • limits cutaneous reactions in case of allergies,
  • limits signs of respiratory allergies such as nose discharge, cough ,...
  • contributes to improve the horse respiratory comfort.

Supplement feed for horses made among others of Niacin and plantain, particularly efficient on respiratory allergies.

Niacin, associated with blackcurrant and chamomile, have a powerful action on dermatitis problems.
Then, essential fatty acids contribute to reinforce the skin barrier.

How to give Allergo horse to your horse:

Administrate at the occurence of :
- itches, pimples or scrabs in case of skin allergies or dermatitis
- respiratory discomfort, cough, nose discharge...

If your horse or your pony is subject to dermatitis, skin reactions or respiratory allergies during certain periods of the year, begin to administrate before the occurence of allergy signs.

Allergo Horse can be given in one month cure or all year long. In case of a continuous use anticipate a 3 weeks to one month break during the year.

To be administered preferably before or with the morning grain feed:

  •  Adult horse : 1/2 measure (30gr)
  •  Pony : 1/4 de measure (15gr)

In case of allergic symptoms, it is advised to double the dose the first week before going back to the maintenance dosage the following weeks.

For reference, 1 kg of allergo horse is for a one-month cure for an adult horse and 8 weeks cure for a pony.

Key ingredients of Allergo Horse - Horse allergies:

Lithothamne - Plantain leaves - Blackcurrant - Chamomille - Linotrom - Fermented sprouted cereals - Rice germ - Sugar - Dextrin.

Analytical constituents:
Sodium 0,27%
Crude protein 16,80%
Crude fat 5,60%
Crude fiber 7,10%
Crude ashes 34,40%
Additives per Kg :
E310-Propyl Gallate 13ppm
E321-BHT 13ppm
E330-Citric acid 3,9ppm
Anti-caking agents :
E563-Sepiolitic clay 670ppm
Vitamins :
3a314 - Vitamin PP (Niacin) 50000 mg/Kg

Competition or races:


Every batch of product is analysed by the Laboratoire des Courses Hippiques (LCH).

This ensures the absence of contamination with the substances considered doping by the race code and the FEI.

Safety precautions:

Complementary feed for horses. Keep in a dry place at room temperature, away from light. Close after use.

Packagings :

1 Kg bucket
3 Kg bucket

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